Looking for Philly banks to get a $20k rehab loan

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Hello everyone, I've got 3 single family row homes in West Philly. One of them is fully rented, at about $900/month, the second is likely to finish rehab late this year, and hopefully get a tenant early next year. The third needs a lot of work. All three of these properties are in the same area, so I would expect that they would all rent for about the same. According to the City of Philadelphia, the average market value for these properties is about $30k each. I'm looking for banks or other lending institutions to start conversations with about getting a loan to rehab the third property. I'm hoping for $20k but even $12k would be workable. I've already got an account with the Philadelphia Federal Credit Union and will be talking to them next weekend. I'm looking for others to begin conversations with, or advice on other options we can try. I'm still very knew to real estate, so bare with me if there's information I might have omitted. Thanks! - Farley

I have been successful with BB&T bank. They have funded multiple loans for me in the past. As a side note they really don't like fix/flip. They prefer buy/hold...not something you have to worry about but just FYI. They will fund a construction loan (even in an LLC).