HELOC or cash out refinance

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Hello Looking to get a little help. My sister lives in steamboat Colorado, a very expensive market where she rents. She also owns a rental in WA state that she has built some equity in. she wants to buy in steamboat but needs some cash for a down payment, I believe about 40k. Her plan is to get a Heloc. she hasn't gotten approved yet but started and it sounds like the heloc will be at a higher adjustable rate. she has a credit score just over 800 and her boyfriend is in the low 700s. The rental property that she is going to leverage off has an appraised value of 365k and the principle left is 230k so 135k in equity. the loan rate is 4.6. what are different options she has? is heloc the way to go? Is a cash out refinance better? or are there other option I'm not mentioning.

Thank you