New Construction Loan!

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Hello! My husband and I are needing some advice on how best to obtain a new construction loan. We’re planning to build something very simple as a primary residence on land we will purchase with the funds from the sale of our current house. And THEN to build a second cottage on the property to use as an Airbnb (we live in a highly desirable vacation spot in the mountains). All said and done, we’ll need a loan for around $75,000-100,000. Here’s the problem: we have only fair credit (around 699) and a large student loan, which we’re unsure if this will “count” toward our debt- to-income ratio. Our income is good, over 6 figures. Does anyone have some good ideas for us? We are really wanting to start capitalizing on our location with vacation rentals but just need some seed money (btw,I’ve asked our local credit union and a few other conventional banks. Few handle construction loans and I was denied once, I’m assuming due to our credit score).

Thanks in advance!