Owner Ocupied Bridge Loans in NJ

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I only need 65% of the ARV can't use hard money since as you know I would need to put the house under an LLC and treat it as invesment.

I want to purchase the house for myself and wasn't aware of this when I sent in the offer thinking I can use a hard money lender.

I have a pre-approval for a 203k I can use but I am affraid that the seller is only motivated to accept my low offer due to the fact that I offered a cash deal and closing fast (which I won't be able to achieve with the 203k)

Any advice? Thank you so much in advance!

@Gonzalo P Navarrete have you tried posting this in the New Jersey forum?  Since you know what you need, but just need in in NJ, try posting there.  Should be some good locals that monitor that forum who can help advise on where to go.  Just a thought.