Helping my Mom with a line of credit!

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I'm trying to get some information to help my Mom. My parents are in their late 70's and retired. Their primary residence is fully paid for, worth around 500k. They own 2 fully paid for rental properties each worth 250-300k. They owe 200k on a line of credit on the primary residence. My Mom told me she wants to take a loan or mortgage on the primary residence to pay off the line of credit because the interest will be lower. The interest on the credit is a little over 5%. The rentals are performing well in the Nashville market and she does not want to sell one of them to pay off the line of credit. They live off some money in a retirement account, the income from their 2 paid off rentals, and social security. I just want some feedback on whether or not this would be the best move. Is there a better option that I'm not thinking of? Also if anyone has suggestions on lenders in the Houston area to help with this? I am a real estate newbie, planning to buy my first property around June next year. I know this isn't exactly an investing question, but I would really appreciate any feedback or suggestions.

Thank you!

@Lance Alotti ya maybe it won’t make much difference. I’m not sure. I’m not so concerned about my inheritance. I just don’t want them to be stressed out or uncomfortable late in life. Thanks for the feedback.

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