Where are the TOO BUSY to find property investors at?

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All I need is funding or a private lender to team with and it’s over. The amount of property I’m running across is crazy. I don’t want to wholesale these things anymore. I want to buy myself and get dirty for better outcome!

Since you have been coming across lots of deals, you should have plenty of money saved up. Google hard money lender. There are plenty in Atlanta. Go to several of the 50 meetups across the city. Meet some hard money lenders and get a loan from them.

A private lender is someone of your new friends from the REIAs that sees you are wholesaling, rehabbing and making some money after paying the 12% interest on the hard money loans. They want to help you by lending to you at 10%.

@Nehemiah Smith if all you need is lenders then just post that in the Georgia forum here on Bigger Pockets (if Georgia is where you are finding them).  The local forums are pretty good and some fellow local people should be able to weigh in on who they use.  You can also search for local real estate groups that meet in person.  Should have some excellent opportunities with networking in person. Some will post on bigger pockets and meetup.com is a good site for that sort of thing too.  It's not who you know....it's who knows YOU.  Get out there and build some relationships!