Wells Fargo Lift Program

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Yup, did a few with that program when it was in the Bay Area.

It's basically reparation payments for Wells Fargo being naughty in the past. If you don't want to "reward bad behavior" by giving your business to WF for the main mortgage, you don't have to. Up to you, but this is still WF so that whole predatory "each customer should have 8 accounts minimum!" attitude will apply if they get you on the hook with this for account #1 (of 8, is their goal...).

Show up early to day 1 of that big giant cluster truck of an "initial consult" or whatever they called it. When word goes out about "free money!!!" people line up out the door, we're talking hours in line.

Unlike most down payment assistance type programs, this one doesn't come with a wildly jacked up interest rate or junk fees. Meaning it is "true" assistance, not the standard "we will assist you on the front end by collecting higher fees and interest payments from you on the back end to pay for it" that is typical of DPA type programs.

@Senad Pali there are dozens and dozens and dozens...maybe hundreds of down payment programs designed for people who are buying their primary home.  Many of them are tied to your income (so if you are a millionaire...you don't qualify) and MOST do not have a first time homebuyer requirement...some will of course but the large majority of them do not.  You should always lean on lenders in your area as well as real estate agents to find the best down payment program that fits you best.  The program you mentioned is only available in 8 states, non of which are New York, but that doesn't mean there aren't more programs available.  You will certainly have options to consider if you can qualify for them.  Hope this helps in some way.  Thanks!