When I buy cash or with private money (my PMLs typically don't require me to give them a deed of trust) I buy in our personal names, rehab, stabilize, then go to refi out my money; I wait till I get my appraisal, then my LLC issues us a deed of trust for whatever the loan amount is or thereabouts so we can get a rate/term refi. I have had no issues before except one recent lender pressed for more information, unable to get their head around the fact that I owed but had no payments. When I shared the reality of the situation, they came back and said we are one in the same (or so they feel) so it's got to be a cash-out instead of rate/term.

In order to avoid having to have this discussion again, I am thinking I'll take an extra step and create a mortgage contract deed. No payments due but a balloon in, say, 90 days or whatever, to help explain away why no payments. 

Does anyone have an example mortgage contract deed I can use as a model?