HELOC Lender Recommendations

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Any recommendations on HELOC lenders? Looking to use a HELOC on my primary home for BRRRRs. Will most likely need $100k-$250k. I have over $400k equity in my primary home so hoping it should be easy enough.

I’ve read good things about:


Bank of America

Beth Page FCU

I think I can get a decent rate from Chase since I’m a member with them and they give additional percentages off for being with them.

@Allen Tracy if you know the product you need but just need it in a specific state try posting in that state forum. Bigger Pockets has some great state forums and usually there are good locals that monitor those. Now, receiving a HELOC on your primary home is pretty easy. Just about every bank in the country can do that. And while the AMOUNT of equity sounds good....it will be the PERCENTAGE of equity that will be important to them. Feel free to post in the California forum (if that's where you live) and you should get lots of feedback. Thanks!

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Hi! Is it a primary or investment property you are trying to take out a HELOC. If so, Fremont Bank and California Coast Credit Union are good for investment properties and primary residence as well.

I'm taking the HELOC out on my primary for an investment property. Thanks for the recommendations.