Hey BP, good HELOC company, what you got?

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Looking at alternative ways to raise capital, I've inquired with a couple different companies about a HELOC on our personal property, but I'm curious what you all may have to offer up on here in regards to good institutions to inquire with that offer that type of loan? Thanks in advance for taking the time to read and reply. Hope you all have a great day

@Cory Lucas

I've got a heloc through Huntington on my personal. I believe they can go all the way up to 95%. They can also do a heloc on rental properties as long as it's in your name.

@Bryan Richardson good stuff. I’ve been in contact with them and they’re my front runner so far! Just trying to do my diligence by researching others. Thanks for the reply and info

@Cory Lucas

Tower FCU is who I just closed with. They did 95% and paid all the closing costs. Took a while but it was during the holidays so there’s that.

+1 on Pen Fed. In the process of taking out HELOC on an out of state, none owner occupied house with Pen Fed.

If you are taking on HELOC on your primary residence you should have more options.

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