How to get pre-approved with commission income less than 25%

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QUESTION: What does the approval process look like when commission makes up about 15% of your income, and the rest is a base salary? 

I’ve read that when commission accounts for 25% or more of one’s total income, lenders typically will want to see at least two years of employment at the same job. 

I am a recent college-grad and have only been in the workforce for about three months. Commission accounts for roughly 15% of my income. My goal is to purchase my first house hack this summer. Will I be able to get approved?

Thanks in advance!

Lender's do like to see a minimum of 2 years commission history in order to count that income towards qualifying. I have seen it done with 12-24 months worth of commission history, If there are positive contributing factors like large reserves, and good credit scores. But that does not mean that they cannot count that base income that you have. As long as that is set in stone as salary pay, then that can be considered. Again the 2 year work history in a similar field is going to make a huge difference in what is counted.