NJ Lender's Title Insurance recommendations for refinance

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I am actively looking to refinance my mortgage and one of my impediments is the miscellaneous closing costs of a refinance (appraisal,lender's title insurance etc.).It's costing me over $800 for appraisal and over $3000 for lenders title add it to it the lenders fees it is costing over $5000 to refinance (excluding prepaids).It looks like there is no way to avoid these miscellaneous fees so I am actively shopping around to see who can give me the best discount for lender's title insurance ,I will appreciate if anyone here can provide me with some recommendations for title companies (in NJ) as that's eating up a major chunk of the refinance savings.


@Kumar Gaurav

Title Insurance Policy costs are regulated by the State... it is a highly regressive matrix based on the cost of the property. So not much point in shopping around for the policy costs...

@Kumar Gaurav , @David M. is right.  The actual title insurance premium is set at the state level by the title insurance companies, so you won't find any difference in pricing there.  The appraisal as well will be through one of the banks pre-approved providers, so the price difference there will be small as well.  The recording fees is where you will find a difference.  I'd be happy to provide a quote if you'd like.  My contact info is below.