Funding the BRRR deal, finding jv partners in Canada.

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Hey, I'm 21 old. I bought my first live + rent here in Alberta, Canada as just a work permit holder after 6-7 months of graduating as a international student. Great deal as it need work and I made great connections (realtor, broker, lawyer and trade people) in the city of lethbridge. Living for free and cash flowing.

My plan is to build up my portfolio to goal number 5mil equity by 2025. Mostly in commercial and MFR.

Right now, I need your suggestion on how to find investors here to do jv deals with me.

Current deal I have in hand is 3 bed SHF. Divorce sale, tax assessment at $256k. I got it under contract for $225k, could get it more lower if I can close soon. After putting 30k-40k with my trade people. The realtor said conservatively it will around 290k to 310k. I could do flip or I could do BRRR. Many ways to play on this one.

My personal goal is to do BRRR all year along.

So should I market on BP, Facebook groups in Canada etc etc to get more investors and do a fair business.

What I'm bringing (deal, hustle, rehab people, property management after rehab)

I believe fair share is 50% equity and 50%cashflow for money and knowledge partner.

Any advice to achieve my goal. Any books recommendations for commercial and multi-family residence.

@Varun Batra Bigger Pockets used to have an entire forum dedicated to Canadian investors....but I can't find it with this crazy "new forum feature".....but see if you can look for that.  I would be you would have a lot more responses there.