Can you still do no money down deals? bank financing 75% and seller financing 25%

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I am new to commercial real estate, and looking for ways to do deals with no money down. But everyone I talk to is telling me those days are over. Banks dont do no money down deals. So let me explain what I have here. 

I found a property for sale for 1 million dollars. seller is willing to lend me 25% of the money as a 2nd. I know that banks probably will not do the deal if the contract writes that I am getting the seller to give me a 2nd for the down payment so I have not money in the deal. So what if I close the deal with my own money (25% down), Bank lends me the 75% and the loan closes, and as soon as the deal is close we have on a separate contract that the seller will lend me the other 25%, I would have all my money back. This is deal doable?   Thanks in advance :)

Its very creative

What you could do is you and the seller get a bank account together to season the funds.

Basically it will show you have 250k cash ready to purchase this deal.   

The bank will lend 750k?  is the property cash flowing now?  

I think the bank needs verifyable income as well?   

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