Investor-friendly title company in Minnesota

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Hey everyone,

I am looking for an friendly title company in the Minneapolis/St. Paul area who has experience working with investors. I've heard that it can be difficult to find title companies willing to do a simultaneous closing or "double closing".

In addition, what questions should I be asking a title company to see if they're friendly?

I work with NetWorth Realty, a wholesale brokerage in the Twin Cities and several other cities around the US, and locally we are moving 10-15 properties/month. We do almost exclusively double-closings. We currently use TitleSmart for all of our double-closings.

North Title in Coon Rapids does double closings. 

Hello Mr. Matt,

Seen your post, what part of the city are you looking to close in? If I can't help you, I know many great closers who can! :)

Ha ha! It's a funny experience when you perform a search from Google and find your answer on it was a question that I myself posted on the site two years ago

This is hilarious!

@Matthew Berry have you found any other title companies in Minnesota that do double/ simultaneous closing?

Need to find ones that can for assignments do "seller side HUDS"

for double closings "dry double closings" 

Those are the main things for me. 

Understands the business of investors and their needs.

Avoid the front desk receptionsist

@Brad Smith check out WestTitle in the Twin Cities. I've used them multiple times - they have many investor-friendly offerings.

@Scott S. do they require you to have the funds to cover the seller side to close? Appreciate the info

@Brad Smith That's a good question and I don't know the answer. I've dealt with Michelle Balow on my closings (none were double) and would recommend her to anyone. Give her a shout and ask your questions. Website: WestTitle. Good luck!

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