Access to cash buyers, hard money lenders, as well as wholesale leads.

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So I am fairly new to the real estate market as compared to many of you. I try talking with my bank but they discourage acquiring foreclosures. Are the other avenues I can take to acquire additional rental property without taking all of the equity out of my existing rental property. Need some experts to chime in. Access to cash buyers, hard money lenders, as well as wholesale leads.

What area do you invest in @Karen Pratt I come across wholesale deal all over Virginia, as well as other areas?

@Karen Pratt  

I second @Jimmy Moncrief  's sentiment!  I know plenty of banks that will lend for a foreclosure, and some will even lend you money to fix it up!  Find another bank.  Developing a good relationship with local banks will be very helpful for you as an investor.

I would also recommend @Brandon Turner  's book on Investing with no and low money down, if you haven't already heard him shamelessly plug it enough on the podcasts :) !

It has fantastic ideas for funding your projects, and also great information on wholesaling.

Good luck!

@Andrew Davis  Shameless!? Shameless!? Preposterous I say!  It would only be shameless if I came into the forums to let people know about how awesome The Book on Investing in Real Estate with No (and Low) Money Down is and that they can get it for as low as $20 by going to 

But I wouldn't do that...


But @Karen Pratt  I agree with the others. Foreclosures are some of the best investments you can make. I buy almost exclusively foreclosures and don't typically have too much of a problem getting a bank to lend. But yes, sometimes you have to be a bit creative! :) 

@Karen Pratt  I second the motion that you need to get @Brandon Turner  's book.

Ultimately, ALL real estate businesses are constrained by how much capital they can get and reinvest.  His book is an excellent resource you can use to grow your real estate business.

@Brandon Turner - feel free to use the above for a testimonial.

Hello, I am fairly new to real estate investing and I would like to know if you veterans in the industry could give me some pointers on finding buyers in the Chattanooga, TN region.

@karen Pratt 

Hi Karen I'm. Wholesale investor ,investing in all 50 states let me know what your looking for and I can help you the best way I can I purchase properties  all over. My email info is [email protected] 

Thanks in advance

Hi @Shamesia Horne

 - I'm a buyer in Chattanooga since I live here :-)

Hello @Jimmy Moncrief. Thank you so much for your response. My partner Brandon Campbell will be reaching out to you. He lives there as well and I am assisting him.

@Shamesia Horne

I am in Nashville, but have one buy and hold in Chatt and would love to have a few more there.  Please keep me in the loop if you have some deals you are looking to sell.

@Jimmy Moncrief I didn't see a contact number for you on your website.  What is your preferred point of contact?  @Tom Shepard thank you so much for your response! We will definitely let you know what we have available in Chatt. Please feel free to email me at [email protected] and we can connect.  Thanks.

Originally posted by @Jimmy Moncrief :

Hi @Shamesia Horne

 - I'm a buyer in Chattanooga since I live here :-)

 I'm new to the area and am about 1 hour north of you 40 minutes south of Knoxville. Do you know of anybody investing in my area or would you entertain investing up this way as well? I'm focused more so on a buyers list at the moment but have been working in generating some leads as well. A couple have came in but they have been out if my price range. Feel free to pm me if you think you might be interested. Alisha

@Cassandra Parnell

@Shamesia Horne

I'm in the Knoxville market. Please add me on any deals you may have within my city.


finding cash buyers is easy, finding worthy deals is the more difficult part 

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