Experienced Seller-Financing Lawyer in NH

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I'm hoping someone can refer me to a lawyer in the southern NH area who has experience putting together seller-financed mortgage contracts (and who works with Title companies with similar experience). 

thank you


David, Is your deal in NH or MA (since you are in MA)? And are you the buyer or the seller?  And what type of property?  A single family home seller financed for an end buyer?  Or an investor to investor deal?  All those factors and more can enter into the picture.  Then I'll have a better idea who to send you to.


the deal is in Southern, NH for a 6-unit apartment building. Investor (me) to investor (current landlord not living in any of the units) deal. 

thank you for any information you can provide!


You are the buyer?  The seller isn't having his own attorney draw up the contract?  Or you just want your attorney to represent you?  

Contact Brandy in Meghan Grugnale's office:  She may refer you to Meghan directly, or she may handle it herself.  



yes, I *hope to be* the buyer. For now, I'd like to find an attorney to draw up a contract. I will contact Brandy as you suggested, thank you. 

Best regards


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