heloc on investment properties, va

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does anyone kno of any banks in or around the richmond va area that will do a heloc loan on an investment property.  1st place mortgage.  Im trying to get all my ducks in a row before a possible deal.  Im trying to get private funding to by the house and heloc the home to pay them back and get a better rate. Then wash rinse and repeat.  Up to 4 loans anyway.  This will b my third property. Also what about the extremely rare 2nd place heloc on an investment property? 

I got mine through First Community Bank. 

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ok thanks dan i will look them up for sure 

BB&T will do them also

Originally posted by @Sean Ploskina :

BB&T will do them also

 Thanks sean. I will research them asap. Im trying to build relationships with the right banks so i can keep getting financed 

Originally posted by @Elizabeth Colegrove:

Navy Federal did HELOCS at 70%. 

 Thanks Elizabeth.  Ive heard about this bank, i thought people where saying u had to have some military/army/navey ties to join that bank?

the last I heard the "ties" were liberal but honestly I have No idea.

o ok ill research them and this time make sure it is current information. Thank u

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