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Ok everyone I am in need of some advice. I was presented with an opportunity this morning that I absolutely can't pass up. If I do it will likely be one of the larger mistakes I will or have made. 

I am 5k below where I need to be to make it a reality. 

I stand to profit (on the low side)  25k. 

What,  where or how can I come up with 5k? I know that seems like such a small amount. Going to a bank is not an option. I've tapped out that resource. Thanks! 

5k is in the world of private loans.  For a private loan, you need to offer a better rate of retun than the market will offer.  That part is easy, the market is offering .25% to CD holders. 

find your local REIA, and make offers to other investors for a short term loan, You can afford to offer 10% + for this money, and that should attract people

To your success


Actually Krystal, my club might be the closest to you.   Im not sure if you are in the North or South of WV. If its North then come to Pittsburgh and we will help you get your cash. 

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