Partner with others for investments in college town in Washington State

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I don’t have enough capital to purchase all the real estate opportunities I find in the small college town in Washington state where I live.I have a significant line of credit, but cashflow is borderline with 100% financing and I don’t want to get too leveraged. I think that there are probably lots of investors that would like to participate in the deals that I find.What kind of organizational structure should I set-up so I can get compensated for putting together profitable real estate deals.Should I look at Crowfunding? How can I advertise for investors?

I wouldn't look into crowdfunding too much. You need to have x amount of net worth to be an investor with them and if you're looking to do the syndicating yourself that's highly expensive and regulated. 

My advice is to attend REIAs in your area as often and as many as you can. Buddy up with investors, take them out to lunch, ask to help them out here and there. At some point, you may come across a deal and at the very least you can bird dog it for them. You may not make much but they will see your value and you'll have been learning the whole time. I think its a much better learning environment than taking bootcamp classes with the gurus. I like to compare it too college debt - I've taken on college debt for a practice that gets me decent money but is extremely stressful and is a field I'll no longer be in in a number of years. I've also started my real estate business and taking on some debt, but I'm also making profit now in much less time than the 4 years of college took me.

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