Is this idea worth pursuing?

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As I think about creative ways to obtain my first property, I can't help but think a little outside the box.

I own a lawn maintenance business and while we mainly deal with residential (better money), the company can handle small to mid sized commercial properties. Since I know that commercial properties that we can handle can be worth anywhere from 5K to 35k a year, i wondered if I could get lucky and find a trading opportunity. Ideally this would be an owner of an apartment complex that also owns smaller units, such as SFH or MFH, and trade services for these smaller properties they may not want to keep anymore.

I am certain this wouldn't be easy to find but is it a good idea to find owners that fit that category and try to make a similar deal?

Account Closed that would be a great way to acquire a property. I love the creativity!! I always tell people, if you don't ask they will never offer that solution. If I were you I would definitely GO FOR IT.

Account Closed  the hurdle will be someone has given you the property and is trusting that you will stay in business. Also you would have to claim that as income.. so you should talk to accountant before doing that. make sure you don't get in a big tax liability.

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