Please help - Looking for creative financing options

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My family of 4 has outgrown our home. We currently own our home in NJ with impeccable payment history. However, our credit is less then stellar and we are finding it difficult to get approved for a mortgage. Our income and debt to income ratio is good and we have about 5% down. The only problem holding us back is our credit score. Is there anyone anywhere willing to lend up to $450,000 for a home in New Jersey?? Please help!

what caused credit to drop to this level?



I have a large 4 bedroom property in union I will be selling in a year. willing to do owner financing if you think you may be interested in it..



I have been overwhelmed with the family and work and had some late payments on small credit cards and as I pay them down, they chase me down by lowering my availability.  It's taken a big hit to my credit.   Pretty much the same for my husband.   He also filed bankruptcy about 9 years ago.   Our payment history on our existing mortgage has been perfect.  We found the house of our dreams in Morris Plains but can't get approved for a mortgage.