Non-conforming Property Financing

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Hey Bigger Pockets Community,

I Live in Eugene, Or. and have a non-conforming property that I need to sell. Old mfg home with an addition. Property is in great condition, newly updated but because of the mfg home not having tags or hud plates, traditional lenders are not willing to finance. Any suggestions on who might finance this long term, for a purchaser? Thanks.

@Chris Erickson how about an owner financing option? What if you made 8% on a note with the buyer paying you? Also, why not just get HUD plates? If the property is in good condition is there a specific reason to not just do that? It would open a lot more options if you could.

Hi Andrew.

After digging into the property further, it's looking like it might have been a "pre-HUD" home. 1975. Just not 100% sure and having a hard time finding any permits issued for it.