I have read a lot of post on here about how to actually access the cash from business cards and to feel safe doing it.  I have been doing this for a while and didn't realize people were having this much trouble with it.  First thing I will say is NEVER EVER EVER PAY UPFRONT OR HIGH BACK END FEES FOR THIS SERVICE.  You the money so don't give it away to do it.  Also, make sure the turnaround time is fast, like 72 hours fast with wire transfer or overnight BANK CHECK OPTIONS.  There are too many here today and gone tomorrow clients out there.  I go as far as to provide a copy of my license and POR so that there is no risk of scam involved.  You can find a couple of companies out there but most of them are only short term because the merchant accounts get shut down or can't handle high amounts.  I work with a network of businesses who's main purpose is to help with this service.  New cards don't operate like cards that have been in service for a while.  You don't want to get shut down because you were in a probationary period you didn't know existed.   If you are interested in discussing your personal case just reach out to me.   I believe in keeping it confidential but I am ok talking on the phone, email, or texting day or night.  In some cases we can get you funds same day or even double the amount of your available credit.  I sold over 50 investment properties in the last 18 months as a Realtor and understand the need for fast funds for many reasons.  Good luck and protect your investment!