Seed Capital self raised or supplied?

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I wanted to post this under quizzes, but am not entirely sure how the results/answers are accepted as I am new to biggerpockets and not a "Pro member", sorry!

Who has, when considering Seed capital for your first REI, or other project, has raised the money themselves? Who has accessed that money in some other way (Equity Investor, Capital Debt, Angel Investor, Venture Capitalist, etc.)?

When I first began real estate investment more than 40 years ago, it was a much more accommodating industry. I self-raised my first bought of seed capital!

I self raised with a friend (partnership) for our first investment. My second investment, first on my own, I found the seed capital from an angel investor. 

Down payment and first half of entitlements were my own  (about $100k). Getting seed capital and investors to take it to approvals and construction/development.

Working up to my first major investment now, raising the seed capital slowly over time. I have picked up a few great tips on this site for how to make that happen. I would love to learn more about house hacking, sounds like just the ticket. 

I was in a car accident in my early 30s. Terrible event, but after a legal settlement I had enough money to start my first investment. Pretty two sided windfall, but without it my life would be very different today. 

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