Who said you can't get rich quick?

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Great news! I just received an email offering $1 Million to invest! And the real good news is he's offering it in US dollars so I don't even have e to convert it first. The message is below. I'm spending Christmas day searching properties. It is my pleasure to introduce myself to you. I am Mr. Apollos Goodman, the owner and President Goodman Estate Properties. I have the sum of (US$1,000,000) only which i want to transfer and use it for investment with you in Valuable great Fix and Flip projects as well as rentals, great deals under contract, buy and hold real estate properties in USA, if you would be honest and sincere to handle the investment and to return back to me a certain percentage interest in 5 years period of time. Reply to me at your earliest convenient time for more details. Mr. Apollos B. Goodman Goodman Estate Properties

Your ship has come in and will be docking in Nigeria 

I think he's farming BP for email addresses. He wants to invest with me as well.

@Nathan G. wonderful! I am great friends with Mr. Apollos... it's a pity he has lost my processing fee wire 17 times already! As soon as that makes it through, I'll be rich!

Darn, I have deleted hundreds of similar emails from foreign countries over the years. Now I find out they are legitimate.

@Nathan G.

Of all the places... Cody Wyoming is attracting overseas money... 

@Joshua D. did he see "investing power-player" written on my forehead? Or maybe "sucker"...

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