How to get a return on Private Money?

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I have a friend who knows I'm doing RE investing and he would like me to take his money and get a return on it. I'm new to real estate investing still, but I don't want to miss this opportunity nor damage a friendship by losing his money. I'm confident if steered in the right direction I can make this happen.

What type of deals should I look into to get him and myself a great ROI?

What's the time frame/structure that should be used?

Thanks in advance to everyone.

@Account Closed   Welcome to BP!  That's a pretty broad question.  What skills / experience do you have?  You mentioned you're doing RE investing, but also say you're new at it.  Have you flipped homes, bought and rented?  Bought, rehabbed and rented?  Can you get loans if the partners cash was used for a downpayment?

Forgive me for the broad question as the last thing I want to do is waste others time because I understand the value of it.

Right now we have a duplex that we are owner occupying with a tenant on the other side.

I can qualify for a loan when needed.

Would someone be able to give me an example of using Private Money on a deal (fix & flip/buy & hold/rental) and getting the lender a positive ROI?

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