Small Bank/ Credit Union HELOC in Washington, DC

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Hey BP, 

Reaching out to the community for a small bank or Credit Union recommendation in the Washington, DC area - I am looking to get a HELOC. I have a condo that is my primary residence and another 4 BR investment SFH, both with a pretty good amount of equity. It would be nice to tap into that equity to continue buying good deals!



Hi Chris,

I know of an awesome Credit Union that’s actually nationwide. They’re based in Seattle, but can lend in all 50 states including D.C.

I use them often, the service is amazing.
If you’re interested pm me for their contact info.

Ron, id also like to know which credit union you would like to recommend.
I've know PenFed offers 80% LTV on investment properties, which is very good. TD bank offers a 90% LTV for owner occupied heloc, but definitely not a small bank. I'd be interested in knowing other small bank / portfolio lenders that others have had success with in DC as well.

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