I am looking to purchase small multifamily properties in my area. I am currently house hacking a single family home that I just had reappraised (to cancel PMI) and it appears that I am sitting on nearly $70,000 in equity. If I moved out of the house and fully rented it I would cash flow just under $200 with capex, repairs and vacancies considered. I do not have much capital but I am eager to get into small Multifamily property investing with a long term goal of making passive income through cash flow. I am having difficulty deciding whether I should sell my home and try to purchase 2 properties or use a HELOC to purchase my next place. It is hard for me to walk away from a cash-flowing property but I also feel that I may be missing out on an opportunity to make some cash to invest in more things quicker. Thank you for any and all advice I am new to real estate investing and everything helps!