I own 550k worth of class C multifamily units.

They where value add projects, I’ve rebuilt 9 units.

I am ready for a larger challenge. I ve always self financed however If I want to experience explosive growth will I have to stop turning down hard money?

I am use to self financing, but a couple thousand a week I can handle, 10-20k a week I can not.

I can leverage my heloc options

bank loans run a interest rate of 5% interest only and usually about .5% of a point .

I found a company that will factor my line of credit

As cash on hand and will give me a 10x multiplier

The interest is 12% and 3 points on whatever I use.

I found a 30,000 sq ft value add mixed use property

That needs everything from the studs out.

My remodeling company is more then capable of quickly and professionally handling this project.

I am looking to find affordable financing

12% interest comes 8500 a month

The project would take 4 months to complete


25,000 in points (3)


59,000 in financing before I can even begin

To find a refinance deal

This dosnt even factor in my heloc

I need to find a more affordable solution

What are you guys use to paying

Is there a company out there

Who offers competitive loans