Seller Financing ~ Buyer requesting

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I’m selling my duplex for $168,500.  The buyer wants to buy as an investment property and is asking me to finance their deal.  I own the property free and clear.  They will pay full price with $8000 down.  I’m new to this as I’m usually the investor.  My question is, since DP is so low what should I charge as interest?  Should I use a loan servicing company?  Any thoughts or pitfalls to be aware of? Balloon payment/Terms? 

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@Michelle McAlister DP is a function of risk < 5% down. Banks ask 20-25% down for non owner occupied. What are the cost of foreclosing? NJ it takes 3 years before it is settled. Can he continue to collect the rent the whole time. For argument's sake the duplex has $2000 per month income. he can collect $72000 for the $8000 investment. Recourse or non recourse loan. Personally liable. Contract for deed or mortgage and note or deed of trust. If I was not looking for income for long term I would look at 30 year amortized due in 5. When I bought my house on a contract for deed, I paid 3% over prevailing rate.

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