Help: Need a 80% LTV refinance Hawaii Property

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No income doc required, refinance on my Hawaii investment rental property. Hoping for at least 80%LTV or more.

or if possible is there such a thing as a HELOC no income docs required loan, thinking of other options for my scenario?

Are there any lenders that offers these kinds of products? 

BPO is $280k   Rural Area

Owe $125k on first, but I need to pay a lien worth $50k and can't get to next step in investing in other properties until I satisfy the first and lien. Needing $165k but most lenders will only do 65% LTV.

Not in the Lava Zone, not on Big Island.

@Tanya Mendija 

It sounds like you would need a portfolio loan based on the cash flow only. The property would need to be rented out. 75% LTV for a SFR and 70% LTV for a MFR are the best LTV's that i am aware of in your situation. Rates are going to be higher than conventional.