Chicago based Hard money Lender

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Hey BP!! I am currently under contract on a condo in Chicago, Illinois. I am looking for a hard money lender that can lend at 90% LTV. I am a seasoned buy and hold investor and licensed REALTOR. We've done BRRRR twice, short term rentals, house hacked and am currently renovating a duplex. However, I've never flipped a property. I'm wondering if anyone has any recommendations or know of any lender that can close in 15 days with someone that has my level of experience. The down payment is my challenge here. Especially, since we just used a lot of our capital to purchase the duplex last week. Thanks for the help in advance!

Check out Renovo Financial,  or Lima one capital.  I've used both many times.  Let me know and I can connect you with my contacts,  as well as some others.  Hope this helps.