Small multifamily house hack with no money down

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Government grants, down payment assistance, USDA loans, & VA loans are just a few ways to get in with "no money down". No money down doesn't necessarily mean "free". There are still inspections and closings costs to account for as well. You can begin with a look at what your city/county offers for DPA and go from there. Best of luck.

@Erica Gregory if you are househacking then you have a BIG advantage that most investors don't have access to. Once you occupy the property a whole world of lending opens up.  Just like @Bob Okenwa mentioned above.  I would certainly encourage you to get in touch with a local lender (maybe even a few of them), quiz them on their downpayment assistance programs, and see if you can qualify for such a loan.  If so, you could get into a property with VERY little out of pocket.  Good luck!