New to wholesaling!

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Hello, I am BRAND new to Real Estate. I am looking to wholesale and eventually flip/ flip and hold. I am looking for ways to get more acquainted with how the financing side goes and what steps I need to take in order to get started! Any advice is helpful! Thank you!

HI Ashley, congrats on getting into the game. for wholesaling, you normally are not financing the properties. However, fix and flip and buy and hold, you are. i have had good success with hard money and also owner financing. those are my recommendations if you do not have a ton of cash to get started. of course, if you have a private lender you can use, that is always preferable. i would recommend running your deal and the numbers past someone with a bit of experience as mistakes can end up costing thousands, which i am sure you are aware of. 

i wrote a few articles for BP that include material on hard money and owner financing that may prove useful. let me know how i can help. send me a message with questions if you would like. i am actually just getting into wholesaling so i may not be the right person to answer questions for that, but i do have buy and hold properties and would be happy to advise as best i can on that topic.