Has anyone tried “Morris invest”?

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Apparently they have real estate available and help you with everything else. Loans, property management, etc etc. I was wondering if anyone else knows or dealt with them. Owned by a couple and they even have a YouTube channel.

@Danny Rodriguez

Type in Morris investment in the BP search bar and look into them. A lot of people have things to say about them.

@Nick Rutkowski

Wow. The longer I’m on this planet the less I start putting my trust in people. Morris Invest = Scam. I even partnered with a good friend of mine and discovered he couldn’t keep his word. BP is always saying to find partners but I’m seriously not trusting my money with another person anytime soon, even if they put half of their money up in a deal. People are unpredictable. Thanks nick, appreciate it

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@Danny Rodriguez

No problem man. Keep trying to find partners, you can’t do it alone. Yeah you’ll have mishaps but eventually you’ll find people who click with you.

something I say all the time: "Trust everyone, just never put yourself in a position to need it" 

You shouldn't' be trusting people so much that you're relying on them to keep your best interest in mind. Sure that would be nice, but that's not how the world works, and it's not a prudent way to deploy capital.

If you want to be a passive investor, go really passive like REIT or stock market. If you want to be an active investor, then be involved enough in the deal that you're reasonably be sure of the inner workings and all interested parties. You should not trust strangers, but that doesn't' mean all strangers are bad. In fact my opinion is that most people want to do the right thing, but you have to spend a lot of time vetting them to be sure they will.

Keep at it, great people are around but it'll always be easier to find the charlatan.