SFR Residential Loan Refinancing Options

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Just purchased SFR with cash. Wanting refinance my money out with a traditional loan 30yr fixed. However lenders are saying it can't be done because it isn't my full time residence. I am under the impression you can have 10 home loans through Fanny/Freddy before going commercial. Looking for clarification or any non commercial lender recommendations. Thanks in advance for your time.

@Benjamin Sutton as mentioned above, you need to find a different lender.  Bigger Pockets has some great state forums and usually there are good locals that monitor those. Try posting in there.  Also, try some local real estate meetup groups. is a good resource for those but some post here on Bigger Pockets Marketplace too.

And since things like this are sometimes researched by others....please PLEASE get prequalified BEFORE doing anything like this.  Time = money.  The more time you have to spend finding a lending means your money is sitting in that property not earning more money elsewhere.