I am a new investor of six months and found out quickly that I could make more money if I was able to invest more so I was listening to a program called Fund N Grow about raising business capital and decided to give it a try as I had used a similar program to raise my personal credit that worked out very well.  I was happy to find that the 3,000.00 fee included a partner so added my son as we already had been talking  about working together.  So we started with my sons credit as he had a couple older blemishes on his record and were sent to Kayden Credit Repair( as an extra fee) but that was terrible working with them as we had a lady that would not do anything in a timely manner and after six weeks of nothing, I started complaining to Fund N Grow and demanded my money back or work to be done.  They said they would try to raise credit for my son (he already had a 700 credit score as is) and after about another six weeks, my son had three business cards worth 31,000.00 of credit.  This was the first round of several over a years time frame, as I am being told.  We are using the credit cards, very creatively, to  pay down my personal credit to a level of approx. 30% debt to credit ratio and will be starting my first round after the first of the year.  The last person we worked with was Giovanni and he was the GREATEST, I can only wish that he has my case also.  We had a few misunderstandings and were able to work through them with flying colors as we listened and learned from each other.  We have now hired a different agent from Kayden to do our credit repair on my sons account so we will be ready for round two as soon as my first round is done.  Fund N Grow is a great company to help your company gain the credit needed to move onto the next level.  I will repost after my round of credit comes thru as I am expecting double my sons line of credit and feel free to ask me questions on this