Has anyone gone in on a first BRRRR with partner (unmarried)?

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Wanting to buy my first multi family, but would like to go In with my long term boyfriend, marriage right now is not in the cards partly because he has student load debt. Is it possible to buy a home with someone you’re not married to?

My partner (long term boyfriend 17 years) have purchased empty property that we were planning to build our retirement home on. I wouldn't have any issues purchasing anything with him as we are very much married in every sense, but legal (think taxes). How you have the title written up is important, so you need to decide if the property goes to the other person or to family. In our case it goes to the other person. Your real estate agent or lawyer should be able to advise you on the best way to move forward. Student loan debt is tough, I graduated with $130,0000. I'm down to owing $68,000. best if he can get it paid off as quickly as possible as it will hold you back financially. Best of luck.