How Can I Find Investors For International Investing

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I have found several resorts for sale in the price range of 400k-1mil. I feel I have the experience to run several of these. I also have some ideas about how to raise additional capital after I aquire 4 resorts without giving up additional equity. I need funding in 5 stages. 1st stage start up 25k to set up "offshore" corporation and establish the ability to purchase these properties. 2nd stage 60 days after 1st stage funding to buy 1st property. 3rd stage 60 days after 2nd stage funding 400k-1mil to buy 2nd property. 4th stage 60 days after 3rd stage funding 400k-1mil to buy 3rd property. 5th stage 60 days after 4th stage funding 400k-1mil to buy 4th property. After this is complete I have a plan to raise an additional 100 million tax free over 5 years. All profits will be used to aquire new properties. These resorts are located in a popular tourist destination. The governing body estimate the country would have to almost double their rooms just to meet the demand during peak season. The government is dedicated to nature conservation which makes starting a new resort more difficult. The government is promoting growth at existing resorts. Property rights are totally protected when set up properly. There are no capital gains taxes on real estate and all aquistions and improvements are tax deductable. This creates a tax haven like none other I have been able to find. Word is already out and the property is skyrocketing. However there is no central listing service in the country so finding these properties takes alot of creative research. I have found 158 properties for sale total and have created financial projections for the top 100 that I liked. My credit will not allow me conventional financing. I am willing to move to the country and manage the corporation hopefully growing it to over 50 properties within the next 10 years. i am willing to pay a high interest rate or give up some equity. I dont mind if the investor wants to t ake an active role or remain silent. I feel I can meet or beat an investors required return. I am also open to long term or short term investors. Would also consider each stage funded by different investor or group of investors. Hoping someone can point me in the right direction.