VA Loan (My Father’s)

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Hopefully I can explain this without typing a full essay, so I apologize if this is a long read.

I’ve been listening to podcast reading books (like everyone else). And Brandon Turner mentioned a few times about being creative in real estate to make things work. So here’s my creative thought.

My father served 23 years in the army. He has no intention at all of ever owning a home or rentals. I know I cannot use his VA loan, that is his benefit that he earned. But with that being said if I could get him on board with purchasing a property using his VA loan having him live there for a year (so we don't inadvertently commit mortgage fraud, not trying to break the law here lol). After his year there I take over the property subject to current financing and then turn it into a rental. Therefore paying him for owning a property that myself would manage and I can have a rental property out of it.

Like I said I’m trying to be creative, just a thought. Any feedback would be great thanks for making it this far!

@Demetrius Ward I would recommend reaching out to a lender you know that specializes in VA loans. To my knowledge if your father has not used VA loan himself, does not actively have a va mortgage and meets the qualifications to receive a VA loan, then he can pass that option down to you. In that event, I would consider using the loan and house hacking a property for yourself.