Looking for alternative lending...

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Does anyone have a good lead on a good portfolio lender. I have hit my limit of 10 rentals and now need to find an alternate source of lending. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

What state are the properties in? My company does these loans all the time. I can refer you to a loan officer in your area to get these done.

Hey @Sean Todd Congrats on hitting 10 properties! We do portfolio lending. We deal with no income, no asset and no tax verification lending. Feel free to send me a message!

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There are quite a few that can assist you with this. 

You will want to look into 2 options a this point. Either a portfolio loan to wrap all your existing rentals into one loan this giving you the ability to get another conventional loan. Or look into lender that are alternative lenders. These loans will not be conventional loans so rates will be slightly higher than a conventional mortgage but they will be the ones that can finance you past the 10 mortgage mark.