Looking for down payment funds from Contract for Deed or Mortgage

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Hi, I have a few properties that I am owner-financing through a Bond for Deed (Contract for Deed). I would like to borrow or get a line of credit against one of these properties. They have no loans, liens, etc. against them. Is this done, if so where could I find lenders for this market? I want down payment funds for more houses


Don Egle

@Don Egle - you could sell a partial or partials which is when you sell only a portion of the remaining payments due on a note or CFD. The most common method is to sell a specific number of the upcoming payments. After the buyer receives the payments they purchased, the remaining payments revert back to you (or you could choose to sell more).

PartIals can also be sold as splits - where the buyer receives a portion of each payment and you retain the rest, or in other was as well. 

I’d like an opportunity to help you with this. Please reach out if you’d like to talk further.