primary residence to a rental shortly after a refinance

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I just refinanced my primary residence (1 month ago) and I’m looking to buy a new home and convert my current primary residence to a rental (investment) property. I haven’t searched through my loan docs, but is it common that the loan terms would mandate that I need to originate a new loan for the new investment use?

In your documents you signed that you agreed to live there as your primary residence. Changing to a rental in a month which is a vastly higher rate and risk is a chance for lender to call the loan. If caught you will need to provide proof that some hardship or event happened to cause this rather than you planned to defraud mine government. Things that could happen: job transfer, number of people in family changes and house you refinanced is not suitable, you buy up in value rather than down.  You won't be able to get another Freddie if that is who owns it or Fannie... same thing.  You are not required to refinance it again, it may limit your options for a year on the next purchase.  I can offer some deeper dive advice