NEED to RE-FI! Have ALL but 'standard' income!

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Hello! I am desperately looking to do a cash-out re-fi on 2 different properties.  The LTV would be about 58%, we have credit scores around 800, have owned the properties for almost 20 years (verifiable rental history), current rents would cover PITI (after the cash-out).....but we are W-2 employees in a new start-up that does NOT have 2 years history.  Can anyone help point me in a direction or refer me to someone/anyone (??) who could possibly help me? Would need to be at about 3.375-3.5% to have it make sense.  FM/FM loans will not work due to the fact that they cannot 'count' our income.  Any direction would be greatly appreciated!  Thanks in advance.  

@Laura MacDonald I know I commented on this in your other post but I guess I misread the 3.375%-3.5% thing.  You won't find a "portfolio" loan at that rate currently.  That is a Fannie/Freddie rate on investment properties right now.  Portfolio rates are generally about 1% higher than Fannie/Freddie.  Hope that makes sense.