System: Taking Action Leads to Deal

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I am looking to expand my portfolio and realize that I could use a system that would help me to quickly take action to turn leads into a deal that I'm closing on. Currently i am spending alot of time with vetting and applying for finance options. Your insights, resources, books etc on creating systems in REI and tips for finding and vetting diverse finance options are greatly appreciated!

@Marketta Kelly How much experience do you have? 

If you can find/buy/create a DEAL the money will follow. You don't need a system for "finding and vetting diverse finance options." That's a waste of time. Get approved with a local lender you actually bank with (checking or savings account). Connect with private money or HM lenders and bring them the deal. They want to work with you and make money too. This is the fastest way to find money and achieve investment goals. Once the trust and experience grows the process will streamline.