efficient strategy for Getting started on Rei

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Hello BP community I'm new to REI and i wanted to ask you if you had any ideas or thing you might have done in order to move on that first deal. My biggest issue is trying to get the down payment on a home I've spoke to many lenders and they all ask for a down payment 20 TO 25 %. So i thought i ask you if you have or know someone that could help me out whether that be a better job opportunity or Side job OR anything you would recommend for me.

I am saving little by little but i wanted to see if anyone had something that could speed that process. I do have a job currently as CREDIT/Accounting dep. I've been there for 6 months getting paid $17.50 after all expenses paid I'm left with about 200 dollars at the end of the month. Now i know that i should stay at my job for 2 years and save up 3.5 to 5 % for a FHA loan but i thought id ask about any other advantages maybe a side job or a better job opportunity anything to start investing now than later.

Thank you for your time and advice.

Hi @Oscar Catalan

First off, I would highly recommend reading Set For Life by Scott Trench.

With your current job and living situation, are there any areas where you could cut down on spending and save more money? Sometimes it takes some sacrifice so that you can have a better future. 

A side job that seems to have a lot of success is couch flipping. You can make some good money in a short amount of time. 

Good luck on your journey,