Creating a Contract

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What are the necessary buyer/seller contract clauses?

Is it smart or possible to write my own contracts up for each deal, or should I just go to my RE attorney to have him write it up?

Can I have reusable contracts? Reusable meaning same content and clauses just changed numbers, dates, and names. (Very similar contracts instead of recreating a contract for each deal).

All advice and info is appreciated. Thanks.


@Brianna Schmidt that was actually a very helpful link. It is a residential purchase/sell contract with all necessary clauses such as the exit clause. Would i still have to get a RE attorney to write up a contract for apartment complexes and LLC agreements for investors participating in the apartment investment?

@Damon Armstrong - I don't know. In IL we have separate contracts for SFH and MFH - But when I googled it for LA nothing came up.

As far as the LLC agreement, I would contact an attorney

That is why I came to BP. I noticed lots of things I research about LA doesn't come up. Thanks for your help. @Brianna Schmidt

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