Plywood walls not disclosed by buyer or found during inspection

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Recently closed sale on a property and discovered that two of the bedrooms have closets that share a real thin plywood wall with the room opposite. Problems are the walls are too thin to hang anything so we would have to warn renters, and second it will most likely come up in an inspection once we sell. Not sure why our inspector didn't catch it but it's too late now.

My questions are:

Do we have recourse with the seller since it wasn't disclosed and it's (now) a fairly obvious thing that they had to have known about prior to selling? (Getting <5k in small claims would cover costs to demo and reframe the wall)

Should we reframe the wall and put up insulation and drywall or is this not worth fixing for a 3/1 rental unit. Thanks!

Seems pretty trivial, would not waste effort trying to come back at the seller. Would you really not have purchased this house because of the "thin" interior wall?

Which wall of the closet is it? If its the back wall & not the side walls can't you just run a rod and mount each side of the rod on the side walls.

Without seeing a layout of the floor plan, hard to really know what the issue is. I have a property that is a 3 bedroom and two of the bedrooms share a closet from opposite sides. To be more clear, the closet spaces is in between the two bedrooms and each has a door leading to it, but at opposite ends. However, one could still enter the closet from one bedroom and walk over to the other bedroom. This is referred to as a Jack-n-Jill closet, just like a bathroom would be. They might have added an interior wall to that closet for more privacy. Doesn't sound like anything that needs to be disclosed per say.  Also, interior walls are not insulated. You want the heat and air to move around. Exterior walls and ceilings leading to attic spaces would be insulated, but not a wall between bedrooms.

My sister used to own a house built in 1909, it had many walls like this in it, you put a nail in a wall and can hang a picture in the other room too! The thing also sat on big posts for a foundation.

Thanks guys, think we'll pass on going back to the seller it's just a hassle.  Not sure the wall is even worth 'fixing' at this point.

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