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Is there any disadvantage to using Legal Zoom over starting an LLC with an attorney? I'd save several hundred dollars with Legal Zoom.



If you really want to save money its fairly simple to set one up yourself directly. Google setting up an llc in your state. 

However keep in mind that sometimes being cheap can end up being expensive. If you have an attorney you have worked with and have a good raport with you can be direct and tell them you need to save the money and ask what would be different if they set it up vs if you did it yourself. 

It can be done, but it won't give you an as thorough Operating'll be general and not specific to your type of business.

Plus, I'm sure if you "shop around" you can get a good deal on an attorney (paralegal?) writing up a better one for you and forming your LLC/entity. THEN, you'll get to write off this expense anyway since it's now a business expense!

PS. Start finding a GREAT CPA. TurboTax will not cut it. Trust me. I found this out for myself when it came to what I got as a refund w/TurboTax vs what a good real estate CPA got me as a refund.

Thanks for your help!!  I'm looking for CPA's currently as wel.

My first LLC I went with a attorney. Since then I do Legal Zoom. I don't have a problem with Legal Zoom. Fast and easy. I have four LLCs.

Hi Raj, An accountant and lawyer's advice could end up saving more in the long run than initial costs. It is recommended to talk to one. CT would be happy to help you with forming your LLC & any questions ( We have been trusted by business for over 120 years and our professionals help with LLC formation plus more.

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